Sabang Palbang : Every Direction, The Bigline Project





Eight Regions with rivers and mountain, The Beauty of Korea and the reinterpretation– The Big Line Project.

It is easy to find mountains, fields, and rivers in Korea. Especially the coast line of East, South and the West Sea is astonishing. Korea is represents eight regions with rivers and mountains with its grace and beauty. Many artists and photographers have expressed beauty of mountains and rivers in Korea timelessly. However, it is usually defined with one single photograph no matter how many artists express landscape in unique and extraordinarily. There were times when I kept clicking my camera shutter and am always satisfied with beautiful scenery. However, I started to reinterpret and found beauty of landscape scenery when I started photography. The Bigline Project started from my journey in Korea’s Route 7 with my curiosity on possibilities to express and communicate exactly about my feelings and thoughts through one single photograph. This project expresses various scenery through new lines that I have discovered.

The Bigline project is a reinterpretation of curves and horizon seeking artistic beauty in every directions.
Landscapes are formed with line and surfaces. There are two different type of lines– straight and curves. The artist communicates by beauty of straight horizontal lines and the curves from the nature. Clear contrast of line and plane differentiate and demonstrate strongly on beauty of lines. The artists focuses on beauty of basic elements which creates the world: the Sky, Land and Sea. Artists was inspired by the curves between skyline and the mountains which are natural line division. Time and space limitation represented by the horizon and the curves helps to distort pursuit of artists. Moreover, this helps to represent the elegance of the overlap between horizon and the curves to find the beauty on border from all sides.


The Big Line Project in eight layers– revelation on humanity point of view based on eastern philosophy.

The Big Line Project express eight subjects through photography, taken from 'All Sides' during travel. 'Sabang: Four Direction' means East, West, South and North. There are other directions between four directions which are Southeast, Northeast, Southwest and Northwest. 'Sabang Palbang: All direction' includes all directions that are mentioned previously. The root of Korean history have derived from the directions of the origin with concept of luck and influences dynamically. Reinterpretation on landscapes through horizon and curves in The Big Line Project is the eight layers. Based on view of east philosophy and humanities with artful thoughts on work. Number "Eight" contains multiple meanings such as eight direction, fate, destiny, the eight trigrams for divination and etc which interests the West with Eastern vision of universe and anthropology. Starting from “Route 7”, The Big Line Project will continue to reinterpret the beauty of the landscape with observation on every possible directions.
“Route 7” includes 'Han River', 'Gangnam', 'Gangbuk','Bulsoodobuk','Sea of JeJu Island','Mountain Hanla', 'South Sea of Korea' and 'West Sea of Korea'. This project will continue with 'Ulleungdo', 'Baekdudaegan' and others to communicate beauty of nature unconventionally. Overall, the artist will picture every directions starting from Korea to the world.