coordinate for reflecting contradictory human being - Ground Zero

In October 2015, he read a book by the producer Smit titled " The Birth of a City, " and was able to understand New York, which has grown into a global city today. There was Ground Zero right in the center. I still vividly remember being shocked when I saw the incredible collapse of the Trade Center in Manhattan through CNN Break News at midnight Korean time on September 11, 2001. And Ground Zero, known simply as the symbolic location to commemorate the victims, began the project, understanding a more shocking historical context in its search for meaning.

Ground Zero's context is based on the notion that the United States planned an atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan on August 6 and 9 during World War II, was " City of Manhattan Project, " and named its coordinates. On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by the Center for Trade in Manhattan, New York, and its place of remembrance and memorial was the historical irony of being the Ground Zero site. How would you view this overlap of space and meaning AriranI? It was very interesting to me. It was a disappointing part of Ground Zero's merely tribute to the victim of the incident, or leaving it to the extent that he remembered it.

For me, Ground Zero, the fate of a human being who becomes victims of self style logic based on situations and interests, was the point of seeing the contradictory nature of human beings. Why did I go to the place that was totally unrelated to me, the New York 911 site, the Hiroshima Won-Bomb Dome, and the rural town of Nagasaki? The reason is simple and obvious. " I wanted to feel the position with my own eyes. " And each one of us, to imagine the ruthlessness that we have done in the past, to photograph, to fill in that sheet, was to naturally live the present time.

Why would an Asian and a Korean speak of Ground Zero in a way that is not directly related to it? It is simple to sum up in a word. Because I am the same human being as them.

What is this ironic situation of a human to scold a human, " What's wrong with a man? What's wrong with a human? " The fact that human beings have another contradictory nature depending on their situations and interests, and since I am human beings, I have become an important point of reason to reflect myself in terms of the space of ground zero.

To me Ground Zero is a grid reflecting the contradictory nature of human beings.