The coordinates of contradictory human being.

Why did I have to go to Ground Zero?
I found Ground Zero beyond the historic 911 in 2001 to be connected with the history of the 1945 Hiroshima Nagasaki bombing. That is not because Ground Zero was simply a place of remembrance, but " a metaphor for the contradictory ambivalence of human nature, the ruthless destruction and reconstruction of mankind. " So I found the origin of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and New York City 911 in May and June 2016 and saw the silent space ground Zero. He then summoned the memories of the past when the nature of destruction was realized from the daily aspects of the everyday lives of extremely ordinary people.

Why do I have to work on Ground Zero? 

Because I could see clearly the ironic nature of destruction and rebuilding man in the space of Ground Zero, and came to represent a spatial metaphor for historical irony. For me Ground Zero has become an important motif in the work of giving me a basic insight into the contradictory nature of man.

What do I say from Ground Zero work? 
Ground Zero work is " reflection. " It is a question of my own reflection and of mankind. " Human beings are destined to become their own destructors and victims of destruction at any time, and the ability to rebuild is their only natural ability to begin. At Ground Zero, I call for an insight into the history of destruction and reconstruction that has been shaped by the contradictory nature of man and man. As the ground zero implies.