Contemporary City

where human desires are bulit into time -CITY




The city's man-made cities are turing into a lager desire for human beings.

The early Situationist, Ivan Chtchegloff, once said, “As all cities have geological characteristics, it takes only three footsteps to come across the spirits of the past there.”  Though we just aren’t aware, even at this moment many cities are going through transformation by being destroyed and developed.  In other words, constant changes and steadfast continuity coexist in cities.  Thus, cities are rich repositories of human history. 

Settling around natural waterways, humans have developed cities.  This project is mainly concerned with contemporary major cities developed since the 20th century and takes special note of urban skylines, as they are indicative of city identities.  The skylines in the 20th century have become the urban symbols.  Especially the Manhattan skyline has been the symbol of the modern city.  A skyline speaks of the past-present continuity and a change in the future.